Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Perfect Alignment

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with an up and coming designer named Malcolm Diggs. We were inside of a boutique called Karma in downtown Newark, NJ. Everything about that morning was perfect. Perfect cup of coffee, feeling perfectly well rested, the model's makeup was done to perfection and we were in the perfect location!
I had to take a picture of this chandelier because it just spoke to me... the brick wall on one side the fitting room with the magazine collaged interior...JUST PERFECT! It all inspired me to keep aiming for my very own studio space. If I work hard, stay prayed up and focus I know I will be blessed with a studio space for my own chandelier! ...sending that out to the UNIVERSE with Love.
I am feeling more in alignment mentally and spiritually than I have ever been before! When I get up in the morning I have a list from the night before of tasks that I have to get done. Images that need editing, updates that need to be made to the websites, clients that I need to contact and so forth. The lists are very long and as I complete a task there is always something else to add to the list. But for some reason I get to check most items off and move on to the next with ease.
I was able to work on post production for that shoot fairly quickly ...here are the first few edits. Enjoy!

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