Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the infamous "all-nighter"

so i am on the first leg of what i call an "all-nighter"...that is when i wait until every one NORMAL goes to bed and i have the house to myself in peace and quiet. i use the time to do my image editing and updates to my website. it is much easier this way since i don't have to answer the phone or stop to run an unexpected errand for someone else (my family seems to think that just because i work for myself i have 24 hr availablity to do crap for them)

it's just me and my laptop, a cup of coffee, a movie that i have seen at least a thousand times so that i don't have to actually stop and look at the screen (i can now see it in my head) and last but not to do list. i often find that when i place my to do list in front of soon as i scratch something off...i add 3 more frikkin things on! what is that all about?

the images that i am working on are from a photo shoot that we did in baltimore scene was at the 7 eleven and it's a diva going into "pig out mode" after a night at the club...the model's name is keniesha...needless to say we received a lot of attention!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

first time for everything

so okay this is my first time blogging i am going to make it is a little after midnight and i am just figuring out how to link my blog to my website ...and i think that i did okay but there is supposed to be a better way to do until i figure it out the "forrest gump" technique will have to do.

let's see...i cheated on my diet about 7 times today ...landed a photoshoot assignment for the end of june and i managed to start my blog. mission complete.

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