Monday, October 12, 2009

joy in my heart

this past weekend was the most uplifting in a long time! i had two wonderful was with an aspiring star named hope. her eyes just shined during the photo shoot (this was her first shoot)...she followed direction well and even when she didn't understand what i wanted from her she IMPROVISED! a natural born star she is.

after the first half of the shoot was done, we drove across town to the other location and i am telling you that this little girl knew every word to maxwell's song "pretty wings"...and matched his every note.

parents listen to me...if there is anything that your child enjoys doing please embrace it. in this world there is enough disappointment, despair, bad news...enough negative forces ...we should always pave the way for our children to bring joy to our hearts.

this past saturday little miss hope put joy in my heart. hope...the name fits perfectly and you know GOD make no mistakes.

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